Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages


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Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages Soundtrack


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Ring Runner: Derelict Dreams




Ring Runner: Derelict Dreams

While the stories of the game and novel intertwine and complement each other, they were written to be enjoyed independently of one another as well!

Centuries after The Extinguishing, The Consortium has hunted free Sages to near extinction. There is no more war, only running, hiding, and hoping that The Extinguishers never find you. They have the power to fly through space unfettered by a ship, to break the bonds of every atom in a solar system, and to hurl entire worlds into stars, but few can affect life, for it is threaded by will, and this will refuses their control.

Still there are a few stubborn Sages who choose to make biology their domain. Arius is one such Sage. A former pupil of Mavenbolt, she made the top of The Consortium's most-wanted list during her fifty year pregnancy. She roamed The Rings like a rogue comet, causing enough cosmic mischief to keep astrocartographers busy. But this isn't her story; this is the story of her son, Exterrus Rey Solipso.

On his thirteenth birthday, Ex awoke to a cold breakfast. In his mother's place was a letter and her heirloom pistol. She was gone. Now he lives the life of a ring runner, searching for fast money and clues as to why Arius suddenly vanished. He wasn't expecting to find either when he docked at an old bioark in the middle of a Stratum, far from the bustle and civility of The Rings, but he'll find more than he ever wanted of both.

Arius never told him about the legacy of his name, she never taught him the ways of a Sage -- not a single macro -- but the fifty years of baking time in her belly weren't for fun. If Ex can survive the dangerous blend of his own ignorance and arrogance, he will inherit his mother's place atop The Consortium's wanted list.

Learn what became of The Nameless Sage long after The Extinguishing, and discover Solipso's legacy.

Sample the first third of the book for just .99 cents!